Why Business networking Works

Business Networking

Business networking, whether it’s evenings, day time or breakfast meetings can be a valuable part of a businesses profit generating armoury.

Structured networking promotes word of mouth recommendations, one of the best forms of business generation there is.

The important point here is of course, “Structured” networking. Anyone can chat in a room full of people, but if you leave empty handed, with no new contacts, sales leads or Continue reading “Why Business networking Works”

Tourism Is Changing

Changing Times for Tourism

The cataclysmic and often tragic events that have taken place around Europe’s borders in recent times are having a seismic effect on tourism and the industries that it supports.

In the Eastern Mediterranean, the ancient gems of Jordan, temples and tombs carved into the pink rocks of Petra included, remain virtually out of bounds given the conflict on its borders.

Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai peninsula, once bustling with visitors from the north of Europe lies quietly waiting and hoping for their return. The Egyptian mainland, with its treasures of Continue reading “Tourism Is Changing”

The Moral Duty of House Building

House Building, Morally

The conservative party conference of 2016 produced a new edict on house building, the government apparently seeing it as a “moral duty” to build more homes to tackle the housing crisis.

To this end a fund of £5 billion will be found to solve the housing shortage, alongside theoretical changes in planning permission on brownfield land, to allow “more houses, more quickly, in the places people want to live”.

The proposals come with figures that suggest smaller builders can be encouraged to produce 25,000 homes by 2020, with plans for up to 225,000 in the longer term.

These figures, even if they only represent part of Continue reading “The Moral Duty of House Building”

The Consequences of Causing Injury Uninsured

Uninsured Liabilities

Did you know that if you drive uninsured and cause an accident that causes injury, you can be personally liable for damages indefinitely?

Imagine the worst case scenario whereby you cause a serious accident and paralyse a third party. Their ongoing care costs can run into millions of pounds and technically, as an uninsured driver, you are personally liable in perpetuity.

This means that if you have any assets at the time of the Continue reading “The Consequences of Causing Injury Uninsured”

5 Benefits of Using an SEO Agency

SEO Agency Benefits

SEO (search engine optimization) can be done yourself. All you need to do is learn enough about how to manipulate Googles rankings effectively without activating any ranking penalties for over optimization or spam practices and you can do everything you need to do on your own.

The problem, if you want to call it that is learning the rules, and understanding how each element of both your Continue reading “5 Benefits of Using an SEO Agency”

The Benefits of Fibre Optic Data Cables

Fibre Optical Data Cables

Fibre optics are strands of high quality silica based glass, no wider than a human hair, that carry data via impulses of light within a cable underground.

Each fibre is coated in an internally reflecting cladding, a thermoplastic coating, and a plastic security jacket. Data travels along it far faster than original copper cables.

Fibre optic broadband works by shooting tiny pockets of light, flicking the source on and off, like ridiculously fast Continue reading “The Benefits of Fibre Optic Data Cables”